Case Study: April 2016


A 65 year old male presents with a red nodule on the superior tarsal conjunctiva. It has been present for 12 months and gradually getter larger. It is beginning to feel uncomfortable. The patient had an enucleation for trauma 15 years previous and wears a prothetic eye.

The red nodule is biopsied.


1.What does Fig 1 show?

2. What do Fig 2 and 3 show?

3. What is the diagnosis?

4. What is the likliest cuase of the pathology?

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1. This shows atypical squamous epithelial cells replacing the normal tarsal conjunctival epithelium. This is in-situ squamous carcinoma.

2. This shows confluent nests of atypical squamous epithelial cells in the stroma. This represents invasive squamous carcinoma.

3. The overall diagnosis is in-situ and invasive squamous carcinoma.

4. The likliest cause is the irritation from the prosthesis.


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