Case Study: December 2015


A 55 year old female present with visual deterioration in the right eye for 3 weeks. The RVA was 6/36 and a variabley pigmented mass was seen encircling the optic disc at the posterior pole (Fig 1). The B-scan showed a choroidal hypo-echoic mass with extra-ocular extension. The favoured diagnosis was a uveal melanoma with orbital extension. A biopsy was offered but declined and an enucleation was carried out.


1. What do Figs 3,4,5 and 6 demonstrate?

2. What do Figs 7 and 8 show?

3. What is the diagnosis?

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1. A diffuse intraocular mass with an extraocular component, composed of lymphoid cells and eosinophilic amorphous material that is apple green birifringent, confirming amyloid.

2. A diffuse mass of small lymphocytes positive for CD20 indicating a B-cell phenotype.

3. This is indolent B-cell lymphoma of the choroid (in this case MALToma) with amyloid production.


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