Case Study: February 2008


An eyeball is enucleated for choroidal melanoma.


1. What is shown in figure 1?

2. What is the growth pattern of the melanoma in figure 2.

3. What is the relationship between figure 2 and figure 3?

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1 Incidental Fuchs adenoma and iris pigment epithelial cyst, co-existing.

2. Collar-stud.

3. This case had a trans-vitreal FNA of the choroidal malenoma prior to enucleation.
Figure 3 is the pars plana. The discontinuation of the epithelium (both layers) and the fresh vitreous haemorrhage indicate that this is the site of the FNA. The FNA has induced the collar-stud melanoma growth pattern. There was no seeding of melanoma into the FNA site.