Case Study: January 2007

A 25-year-old male presents to the ophthalmologists with a bilateral corneal problem. A history of bilateral recurrent corneal erosions is elicited.

He undergoes a left penetrating keratoplasty.

1-macro image of left corneal disc.

2-macro higher power of figure 1

3-macro cut surface of cornea. The arrows point to the pathology.

4 and 5-H & E of the corneal pathology at two magnifications.

6-Transmission electron micrograph of the corneal pathology.

Special histological stains-no significant findings.


1. What do figures 1 and 2 show ?

2. What does figure 3 show ?

3. What do figures 4 and 5 show ?

4. What is the light microscopic differential diagnosis

5. What does figure 6 show?

6. What is the diagnosis?

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1. Honeycombed subepithelial opacities and iron lines.

2. An undulating sub-epithelial band.

3. Eosinophilic , subepithelial undulating fibrous band with effacement of Bowman’s. Irregular epithelial morphology.

4. Reiss-Buckler and Thiel-Behnke corneal dystrophy.

5. “Curly” collagen fibers (with a diameter of 9-15 nm)

6. Thiel-Behnke corneal dystrophy. The curly collagen fibres are highly distinctive for Thiel-Behnke (see last reference).

Note that many cases of Thiel-Behnke are clinically, incorrectly called Reiss-Buckler corneal dystrophy.

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