Case Study: June 2009


A 55 year old presents with a choroidal mass, for which an enucleation is performed. The mass is choroidal, uveal-type malignant melanoma. The figure shows an incidental finding adjacent to the tumour.

Figure 1-Is a H and E
Figure 2-Is an Alizarin Red


1. What is the nature of the pathology in the figures?
2. What could be asked of the clinicians?
3. Name 2 syndromes with which the pathology can be associated.

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1. Geographic calcification of the sclera. No choroidal calcification seen.

2. The patient’s calcium, phosphate, magnesium status and questions related to parathyroid and renal function.

3. Gitelman and Bartter syndromes (renal tubular hypokalemic metabolic alkalosis syndromes).


Sclerochoroidal calcification: clinical manifestations and systemic associations
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