Case Study: June 2011


  • 70 Yr old male
  • 2yr history of fluctuating blurred vision (L>R)
  • No history of trauma or surgery
  • Slit lamp – superficial corneal opacity in each eye (Fig 1)
  • Underwent excimer laser phototherapeutic keratectomy
  • VA improved to 6/9 (6/6 pinhole)
  • Epithelium sent for histology


  1. What is the main abnormality in Figure 2 (arrows)?
  2. What do the transmission electron micrographs show in figures 3 and 4?
  3. What is the diagnosis?
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  1. Excessive basement membrane that is indenting the under surface of the epithelium.
  2. Fibrillo-granular electron dense material between the epithelium and Bowman’s.
  3. Epithelial basement membrane dystrophy of bleb type.


IC3D Classification of EBMD-Most cases have no inheritance documented. Many are considered to be degenerative or secondary to trauma. Familial cases have been reported. Present in adult life. Rarely seen in children.4 subsets: Map, dot, fingerprint and bleb types.

Light microscopy features:

  • Map: Sheets of intraepithelial, multilamellar, basal laminar material.
  • Fingerprint: Rib-like intraepithelial extensions of basal laminar material.
  • Dot: Intraepithelial pseudocyst containing cytoplasmic debris.
  • Bleb: Irregular, subepithelial accumulation of a fibrillogranular material.

Transmission Electron Microscopy features:

  • Map: Thick epithelial basement membrane that extends into the epithelium as multilamellar, 2- to 6-nm-thick sheets.
  • Fingerprint: Fine fibrillogranular substance in addition to basement membrane. The fibrils are about 17 nm in diameter and the granular material about 8 nm.
  • Dot: Intraepithelial pseudocyst contains degenerating cells with pyknotic nuclei and cytoplasmic debris.
  • Bleb: The anterior surface of this material forms discrete mounds, which dent the overlying basal epithelial cells.


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