Case Study: June 2012


  • A 55 year old presents with a retina detachment.
  • It is repaired but the patient represents with complications.
  • Subretinal pathology is observed which is biopsied.
  • See figures.


  1. Which procedure was carried out as part of the repair for the original retinal detachment?
  2. What are the key features seen in the histology?
  3. Which immunohistochemical marker(s) will stain the pigment containing cells?
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  1. Silicon oil tamponade agent.
  2. This is subretinal PVR. Note the almost hyaline core strand composed of neo-basement membrane and collagen covered in RPE.
  3. A CK7 will stain the transdifferentiating RPE cells and a CD68 will light up the macrophages containing silicon oil and RPE melanosomes.


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