Case Study: November 2009


A 25 year-old female presents with an inferior retinal detachment. A B-scan showed a retinal mass adjacent to the detachment, amenable to endoresection.

Figure 1 shows a low power of the endoresected lesion.

Figure 2 shows a high power of one of the features of the lesion.


1. Which components are seen in Figure 1 and 2?
2. Which stain could be used to identify the cellular population between the     structures seen in Figure 2?
3. What is the diagnosis?
4. What are the clinical associations?

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  1. A spindle cell proliferation around massively hyalinised capillary type vessels
  2. GFAP will show the heavy glial cell proliferation around the vessels
  3. Vasoproliferative tumour
  4. Uveitis, retinochoroiditis, sickle cell retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, ROP. Vasoproliferative tumours often occur in health eyes for reasons unknown


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