Case Study: November 2013


  • Per-limbal cyst in a 40 year old female.
  • Rest of ocular examination normal. Eye not ‘hot’.
  • No significant past medical history.
  • Fig1-H and E
  • Fig 2 H and E-cyst contents
  • Fig 3-MST stain.


  1. What does figure 1 illustrate and what is the diagnosis from this power?
  2. What do figs 2 and 3 show.
  3. What is the revised diagnosis and can the appearance be explained?
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  1. At this power, this is a covnentional conjunctival epithelial retention cyst.
  2. Fungal hyphae and spores
  3. Retention cyst containing fungal hyphae and spores. Don’t look like candida. The cliniciands said that the lesions was ‘pigmented’ and faded with time…this sounds like phaeohyphomycosis that are melanin-containing. The cause is probably implantation from trauma. The patient did not wear contact lenses.